Welcome to Writing Through the BodyTM (WTBTM), a home for writers and people who want to write. I’m Johnnie Mazzocco, creator of Writing Through the BodyTM, a method to help you banish writer’s block, achieve flow, and tell your untold stories.

The purpose of this blog is to share luscious, nurturing, thought-provoking, and mind-expanding prompts, tips, articles, and other helpful tidbits all specific to writing, story, storytelling, and creativity. Look for Fill-in-the-Blank Flash Fiction Friday (prompts), Author Interviews (just what it sounds like), Fodder for Fiction (observations and rants about the things people do), and Storytime (short little pieces that tell a story – probably about me at some point in my life or someone I know).

Bottom line is this: I love words. And I love story. I believe stories heal… us when we write and tell them. Others when they read, watch, or listen to them. And the world. Because when we tell a story, someone is changed, which, in turn, causes them to share the story and/or behave differently, which then causes the person they’re affecting to behave differently and so on. This ripple effect radiates out into the world and it makes us all a little wiser, a little more connected, and a little more whole. And this is why my purpose and mission in life is to heal the world through stories, whether it’s the stories I write and tell or the ones I help other people write and tell.

You can expect about two blog posts each week, so if you want to stay informed and inspired, please follow the blog. If you miss one every now and then, never fear… when you sign up for my email list, you’ll get a monthly recap of all the blog posts for the past month, as well as my COMPLIMENTARY Intro to Writing Through the BodyTM ebook.

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