When Inspiration Strikes by Jeannette Zeuner

Please welcome Jeannette Zeuner, the second in a series of guest bloggers and writers who have been gracious enough to respond to my prompt: Why I Write


When Inspiration Strikes
Jeannette Zeuner


When inspiration strikes, I drop everything. I cancel dates with friends, I won`t answer the phone and I usually lock out the rest of the world completely. It’s just me and my thoughts. I can watch how sentences form, how paragraphs craft themselves on the page in front of me. I let the words flow out of my mind, play around with them, tasting the sound before they land softly on the paper. They are still a little shy, not quite knowing what powerful force they obtain together. Written words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hurt, to inspire, to motivate, to elevate… to affect one’s life immensly.

Words are tools of imagery in motion. – Sam Shepard

Writing is like capturing thoughts in amber. Writing is taking your thinking muscles to the gym. Writing is creating something original from your own thoughts. Writing is transforming your thoughts into matter and putting them on the screen. There is always something special about putting words to paper. Your written words can last long past your own life…

I write books and blogs because I would like to give something back. It is easier for me to write than to speak. Writing is my way of processing knowledge and passing it on. It makes me happy when a reader writes to me saying that my book inspired him to do something or to go a step forward in life.

Words don’t unfold their power until someone reads them, until someone becomes attracted to them. Why are you reading this right now?

Let me share my little philosophy on books with you:

I believe in books, and always have.

How can you choose a good book nowadays, with the millions out there competing for the attention of a reader? How can you find a good book, one that makes you feel understood at that moment? A book that is just what you needed to read at that point?

Be it a guide to a specific topic, a romance novel that makes you believe in love again, a thriller that brings excitement to your daily life, or a philosophical treatise about the depths of your soul. Books are like medicine; they have the power to give you something. Sometimes it’s an answer, often a feeling, and always something to think about, dream of, discuss, learn and understand more deeply. It does not happen very often that you are reading a book and think afterwards that it was a waste of time, does it?

So how can you find a good book?

My theory is that it’s not you who is finding the book, but it’s the book that is finding you. You are found by the right book, the one you need most at that precise moment. When you are standing in a bookshop surrounded by hundreds of books, have you noticed that you are almost every time magically drawn to the book that is right for you? The book that just seems to be the answer? It is a bit like finding love. What is meant for each other, will find each other. It is like finding the pinhead in the haystack.

I truly believe in this theory as it has happened to me so many times. I am very grateful for all those books that have accompanied me on my road, that have helped me and that have given me the feeling that there is someone out there who believes in the same things and understands me. And that is what we all long for, isn’t it? To be understood.

Therefore, I always trust that my writings will find the right people at the right time. That’s all it needs.

Jeannette is a creative entrepreneur, a bestselling author, blogger, coach, and a lover of life. She has travelled around the world, always walked her own path, following her soul’s desires and listening to her intuition. Her story takes her from a corporate tourism and publishing background to gaining a lifestyle designed around her passions: travel and books.

Today, with her expertise in self-publishing, she has helped and coached hundreds of authors to successfully publish their own books. She is the founder of the self-publishing agency, Book Designs, which specializes in beautiful book designs, interactive ebook programming and consulting about publishing printed books and ebooks. She also trains university students in workshops to start their own businesses.

Jeannette is on her life’s mission to inspire others to live their dreams.

 Learn more about Jeannette: http://asayamind.com/