About the Workshops

“Writing through the chakra system opens the world of writing to a very soulful, personal and healing level. Creating with this model is an ingenious way to shine light on our divine flaws, flows and fantasies… The context of the chakra system was safe place to release and reveal and really look within.” – MG, Oklahoma

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“Johnnie takes a complex topic, writing, which can be a solitary experience wherein the writer gets too analytical, and she makes it more intuitive, creative and, dare I say, spiritual.” Jessica C., Oregon

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“I found combing the chakra system with writing helped me to overcome my previous fear that I would not be able to write well. I did not realize this was a deep-seated fear from childhood and the process helped me to overcome this fear.” – R. McCracken, Oregon

*  *  *

“Johnnie Mazzocco gave a fascinating class, which I enjoyed tremendously. As someone who is familiar with the Chakras and emotional anatomy from a body-worker’s perspective, I found it making a lot of sense. It’s so interesting to see how I could build each of my characters and flesh them out with traits that are in alignment with a particular Chakra, It helps make them feel real and believable. I feel like I’ve been given a box of tools to create in 3D. I’m very much looking forward to the next class.” – Pippa W., UK

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“I have a degree in screenwriting and came to this workshop because I have not written anything in quite some time, because I felt I didn’t have any good ideas and I really wanted to start writing again.  The workshop helped me in 2 ways.  The first way it helped me was to hear Johnnie’s personal story and how writing saved her life.  It was inspirational and after hearing it I believed that writing could save my life as well.  The second way was how Johnnie related emotional issues to the 7 main Chakras of the body.  It helped me understand how a character’s personality is made up of these and how if one or more is blocked there is a journey the character has to go through to complete his or her arc in a story.  Through her guided meditation and exercises I was able to see some of the things that were blocking my own writing and people in the class who had never written fiction before were coming up with interesting and believable fictional characters.  I am happy to say that I do have a new idea for a screenplay and am working on it now.  I hope that Johnnie will offer more of these workshops at For Goodness Sake and would recommend them to anyone who is interested in writing.” – Hans G., California


About Johnnie

“I have known her in many lives and was lucky to find her again in this one. 🙂 Johnnie Mazzocco is very skilled and highly intuitive teacher. She is committed to creating a safe space in which the creative voice is valued and celebrated. She is a talented writer and teacher who understands that creative expression is a doorway to healing and wholeness. Writing Through the Body has helped me define and make peace with my inner critic.” – MG

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“I always enjoy working with Johnnie. She is a powerful and creative women.” – Shelley S.

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“I found Johnnie’s ability to combine the spiritual with the academic refreshing and current. So many times in courses, you either have one or the other, not both. She has the ability to combine both areas with wisdom and compassion for the student.” – R. McCracken