Why I Write by Silver Wainhouse

Please welcome Silver Wainhouse, the first in a series of guest bloggers to Writing Through the Body™.


Why I Write
Silver Wainhouse

I was a full moon baby and am a moon-ruled woman. An interesting phrase tickles my ear. Recognizing it as a thing of beauty and wanting to capture its energy, I keep index cards close and write the phrases down. I’ve been doing this for decades and guard many, ranging from Tennyson to Tupac including the words I heard an old woman say when she first saw the child of a woman she knew. My dear friend, the late poet Christopher Logue, once drew a tiny notebook from his pocket showing me that he did the same. I’m even more pleased when it’s a phrase I’ve created myself and don’t want to lose. Learning a long time ago that telling yourself to remember things like that didn’t work led me to writing them down.

Writing for me is SPEM — Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Mental— hitting all my bases. I remember a little boy, the nephew of a friend, running through the door crying. Between tears, he said “she did it for purpose.” For purpose, he’d said. Not on purpose. I kept those words. And I’ve come to realize that my writing is done for purpose—for my SPEM—Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, and Mental needs. Six reasons I write are:

  1. To become or maintain a sense of calm. Taxing situations become less so when I write it out. Expressing the situation, my attached feelings, perceived sources and possible solutions eases tension. My blood pressure lowers and I’m rendered more objective and creative and less reactive.
  2. I write to tell stories. By chronicling those told to me and by sharing my own, I offer them as motivators and encouragement. Horrendous things do happen and people fight to live despite the event. I also love the stories of seduction and acrid responses to bullshit.
  3. The mind itself is a vessel and does not create. Its only function is to hold memory. The spirit creates. Quiet meditation and intentional connection with nature, makes me much more creative. I write because my spirit has let me know that it is an assigned role.
  4. I write because it connects me across the spectrum. I’m thrilled by the energy of our youth and admire their courage and ways in which they are tearing down divisions too long held.
  5. I write because my best friendships are connected in some way to the written word. I even met my late husband, the renowned Austryn Wainhouse, because of writing.
  6. I write because I create words, some of which are registered, and want them used. Example: WOMANISTICS:
    1. Study of woman’s ability to thrive in an environment. It endeavors to dissect what challenges her in an environment simply because she is a woman. Womanistics also addresses what aids and hinders her ability to thrive.
    2. Methods used by a woman attempting to meet such challenges.

Or my favorite, WORDJISM:

The overpowering juicy sensation felt when beautiful words are heard.


Silver Wainhouse is president of Silver Wainhouse, LLC and creative director of Womanistics. She constantly explores and shares ways in which women can be inspired, nurtured, and supported, and she converges her accumulated life skills in business management, acting, writing, myotherapy, and astrology. 

Silver has served on numerous boards and committees, including: The International Writers Center at Washington University, The Center, River Styx Magazine, and the Wellness Center of St. Louis-to name just a few. She is currently a member of the Paris Writers Group and president of The Marlboro Press at Northwestern University. In 2014, Silver became an official member of the Awesomeness Fest Tribe.

Silver can be reached at: SilverWainhouse@SilverWainhouse.com