Svergonata: How Starting A YouTube Channel Is Like Writing A Novel

Writing exposes us and makes us vulnerable. Our knee-jerk response is oftentimes to pull back and stuff the impulse. But when we see start to see how doing much in life makes us vulnerable, and when we see others doing vulnerable things, it can provide a gateway to allow us to, as Susan Jeffers wrote about way, way back in the 80s, feel the fear and do it anyway.

It takes a certain mindset—this word, “Svergonata.”

Fear kept me from starting this channel in earnest for way too long. I hope that after you watch, you’ll join me in doing things that make you vulnerable, like writing your novel. And that you’ll embrace the svergonata mindset.

Putting ourselves out there, sharing our stories, isn’t always easy. But I’m convinced that stories can heal the world, so let’s embrace the svergonata mindset and do it together. (There’s safety in numbers.)

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Sending you mad writing mojo…

Happy Writing!