Fill-in-the-Blank Flash Fiction Friday

Here’s your Fill-in-the-Blank Flash Fiction Friday opening sentence.

The wheels turned beneath ___________________ as he/she pedaled up the imposing hill, sweat gathering on her/his forehead like ____________________.

The “Rules”

  • Fill in the blanks.
  • Finish the story in 1,000 words.
  • Post your story in the comments section below by the next Friday for everyone to enjoy. Be proud of your work!

We’ll review all submissions near the end of the year and will select winners to be published in the first Fill-in-the-Blank Flash Fiction ebook*.

Sending you mad writing mojo….


**Winners will be based on adherence to length; originality; and a clear beginning, middle, and end. Plot not necessary – can explore a memory, a thought, or an emotion. Twists and surprise endings are a plus.

1 thought on “Fill-in-the-Blank Flash Fiction Friday

  1. The wheels turned beneath Big Tony as he pedaled up the imposing hill, sweat gathering on his forehead like the flood of surging social distancers before him. Why weren’t they all queued up and ready like they were supposed to be? he wondered. Oh yeah, he wasn’t there yet.

    He pedaled harder, his gelato cart aquiver with the barely still frozen treats within. Who knew dry ice hoarding would become a problem like toilet paper? Would he be able to sell out all his frozen treats before everything melted?

    He’d know in a few – shhhort – mmmoments.

    “Big Tony!” the crowd shouted as he crested the hill and steered his cart into its customary spot. Right on cue, Big Tony started up his cheerful Italian soundtrack and all his regulars queued up as expected.

    “Bellisima!” his first customer exclaimed upon her first taste of his tangy raspberry mango swirl. “Grazie for your flavor suggestion, madam! Take two!” he gave to the delighted woman. “Next!”

    The only thing melted in his cart that day was Big Tony’s worry there would be too few customers and leftover treats.

    Whew! Till next time.

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