Fill-in-the-Blank Flash Fiction Friday – Why you should DO IT!

Here’s why you should do Fill-in-the-Blank Flash Fiction Friday…

  • It’s only 1,000 words (that’s about 2 pages).
  • Even if you’re already working on a longer piece, you never know… one of these prompts could be end up being part of that longer pieceTry using your characters’ names in the scenarios presented and see what happens!
  • Even if you’re working on a longer piece that draws largely on real life experience, blurry lines, embellishing, condensing, and omitting are part of the process. You could very well wind up with something you can use in your longer piece or something else.
  • You’ll inspire other people to DO IT.
  • I’ll spread your words around (and if you’re feeling shy about that, don’t let that stop you! I’m happy to just use your initials, if that’s what you prefer).
  • I might just maybe some day publish a book of all the winners at the end of the year, so… wouldn’t you like to be in it?!

Here’s your Fill-in-the-Blank Flash Fiction Friday* opening sentence.

If _____________ has given two whips about ___________________ she/he would have taken the ____________________ to the _________________, as __________________ had asked long before today and avoided the unfortunate encounter with ___________________.

The “Rules”

  • Fill in the blanks.
  • Finish the story in 1,000 words.
  • Post your story in the comments section below by the next Friday.

I’ll post the winner** on my social media sites.

Sending you mad writing mojo….


*Writing is serious business, but sometimes it’s fun to have fun.

**Selection of the winner is arbitrary and depends on my mood, what I’ve eaten or haven’t eaten, how much sleep I’ve had, and my constantly shifting tastes…