Welcome to Writing Through the BodyTM (WTBTM), a home for writers and people who want to write. I’m Johnnie Mazzocco, the creator of Writing Through the BodyTM, a method to help you banish writer’s block, achieve flow, and tell your untold stories.

The purpose of this blog is to share luscious, nurturing, thought-provoking, and mind-expanding prompts, tips, articles, and other helpful tidbits all specific to writing, story, storytelling, and creativity.

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What is Writing Through the BodyTM?

Writing Through the Body™ is a writing process created by ghostwriter, book content developer, and speaker, Johnnie Mazzocco, designed to help writers banish writer’s block, achieve flow, and tell their untold stories.

Writing Through the Body™ is a method based on the seven main chakras of the body and is suitable for writers and people who want to write novels, memoirs, screenplays, or non-fiction, self-help/how-to books based on their signature program, process, or method.

Writing Through the Body™ is both corrective and generative. It can help writers work through obstacles in their writing practice, and it can also help generate new work when the ideas are elusive.

The Writing Through the Body™ method is a practical application based on an ancient system designed to help create and facilitate profound understanding of characters – which includes protagonists, supporting characters, and antagonists (in story-based projects) and the Ideal Reader or Client (in non-fiction, self-help/how to projects).


How Does Writing Through the  Body™ Work?

Writing Through the Body™ is where the esoteric, the creative , and the academic meet.

The Esoteric – This is the chakra system, which comes from ancient Sanskrit teachings and illuminates our step-by-step development as humans. By distilling the development of our characters, readers, and clients into these seven levels; identifying their deepest desires, motivations, and behaviors; and understanding how and why they get in their own way, we can better tell their stories and better serve them.

The Creative – This is the process and craft of writing. I pair a writing element with each chakra to help move you from idea to action, which translates to actually getting words on the page so you can tell universal stories and that will stay with readers long after they’ve put your book down or provide your clients and potential clients with a method, process, or program that is perfectly suited to their deepest needs and wants.

The Academic – This aspect of WTB™ comes from my academic training in argumentation and rhetoric, which includes the Socratic method of inquiry. After we comprehend the teachings of the chakras and the hows and whys behind our characters’ desires, motivations, and behaviors, we can begin to ask objective questions to help us arrive at the deeper truths about who they are. This leads to a more natural unfolding of their stories, which, in turn, helps us better serve them, whether we’re telling a fictional character’s story, our own story, or our Ideal Reader’s/Client’s story.