Workshop / Retreat Offerings

Writing Through the Body™ Character Motivation Retreat

Sunday, 12/3/17
10am – 3pm

~ Show yourself some love this holiday season
and immerse yourself in a day of writing. ~

At this workshop, we’ll focus on understanding characters’ motivations,
embracing their decisions, and allowing them their agency.

All within the quirky, inspiring, and magical walls 
of the McMenamin’s Kennedy School in NE Portland

$88 (special holiday price!)

Includes lunch + a gift certificate for a drink, a movie,
or a luxurious soak in the salt pools

Join Johnnie Mazzocco for the first in a series of 4 workshops to learn about the 7 essential levels of character development and how the practical and proven techniques taught with the Writing Through the Body™ process can help you create complex characters, deepen your writing practice, and move beyond obstacles.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a scent-free event. Please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, or scented lotion, oil, or deoderant so those with sensitivities can have a pleasant experience. Thank you.