Sixth Chakra – Third Eye Chakra – Mind Power

Yesterday, I wrote about the Throat Chakra and how it relates to our surrendering to a higher power of some sort, whether it be God, angels, Universe, our own inner strength, or a personal higher form of knowing, which comes from our higher selves, and how it bridges the gap between our heart and our mind.

Today, I’m writing about the Sixth, or Third Eye Chakra, which is located in the lower forehead, just above and between the eyes. This is where our intuition comes from. We oftentimes think of our intuition as a gut-level response, but in reality, our intuitive inclinations are generated here, in the Third Eye Chakra, then travel to our Personal Power Chakra to be carried out in the form of some kind of action. The Third Eye Chakra gives us all the wisdom we need to move ourselves to express our higher nature.

One way to know that our Third Eye Chakra is open and flowing is when we can make decisions for ourselves without feeling the need to check in with others for advice or validation.

Below is a brief explanation of the Third Eye Chakra and some ways we might integrate its attributes into our writing.


Sixth Chakra – Third Eye ChakraIndigo Sphere1

Lower forehead, just above and between the eyes

Primary strengths
Intellectual abilities and skills, receiving inspiration, intuition, psychic abilities, emotional intelligence, integration of conscious and unconscious insights

Primary fears
One’s shadow side, looking within to discover ones truth, sound judgment based on the reality of a situation, relying on discipline

Positive manifestations
Mental flexibility, which allows for the acquisition of physical and spiritual knowledge that can be translated into understanding, strong connection to inner voice and trust in intuition to make decisions

Negative manifestations: Unwillingness to see and purge one’s fears

Discerning the difference between truth and illusion

Aspects we might consider for our characters or ourselves
Intellectual abilities and skills, intuition and psychic abilities, fears around one’s shadow side and purging one’s fears

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Close your eyes and do a short visualization of the Third Eye Chakra: An indigo, pulsating orb in your throat, in the hollow of the collarbone. Imagine it expanding and contracting and spreading out to the sides of your head and around the back. Sit with this pulsating, intuitive and all-knowing energy for as long as you can, breathing deeply, for 5-10 breaths. Count to ten slowly on both the inhale and the exhale for each one. When you’re ready, let the energy begin to recede and return to its original size. Maintain its presence in your body as you open your eyes and begin the following writing exercise.

Writing Exercise
Fiction Writers
Use the same two characters you’ve been working with, or create two new ones. Add a third character. Create a situation for these three characters in which they are interacting over an issue wherein the two initial characters have a goal that’s being thwarted by the third character. Think about whether or not all the characters are vocal throughout the exchange. If there is dialogue, is it direct or indirect? Work on using interior monologue – or thoughts – of one or more of the characters. Let your potential reader in on more than the characters are disclosing to each other. Consider the following: How easily do these characters make decisions? How intuitive are these characters? Is one or more of them able to discern a reality that isn’t being openly expressed? Does one character have the upper hand in the situation? See if you can get their individual levels of awareness to play against each other.

Creative Non-fiction Writers / Memoirists
Think about your decision making process.

How intuitive are you? How do you engage your imagination?
Can you make decisions?
Are you wise, fearless, practical? How do these qualities show up (or not) in your life?
Are you able to view your life in impersonal terms? That is, when people behave in ways that you find hurtful or disrespectful, are you able to disconnect and let it “roll off your back?” If not, what would it mean, for your life, to be able to do this?
Are you living a conscious life? If so, how does this show up? If not, are you frightened of changes that may come from doing so?


Sending you mad writing mojo…