Fourth Chakra – Heart Chakra – Emotional Power

Yesterday, I wrote about the Personal Power Chakra and how it can inform our own or our characters’ willpower and motivation behind their desires and actions.

Today, I’m writing about the Fourth Chakra, the Heart Chakra, which serves as a negotiator, of sorts, between our physical and emotional existence.

Mastery of this chakra allows us to approach life with a things-just-are attitude, and we can let go of trying to analyze and understand WHY things happen. It also allows us to experience and create emotional reciprocity.
Below is a brief explanation of the Personal Power Chakra and some ways we might integrate its attributes into our writing.


Fourth Chakra – Heart Chakra Green Sphere1

Chest, between the breasts

Primary strengths
Love, forgiveness, compassion, dedication, inspiration, hope, trust, ability to heal oneself and others

Primary fears
Loneliness, commitment, and letting the heart lead in decision-making; fear of having the resources to protect oneself emotionally, fear of emotional weakness and betrayal

Positive manifestations
Courage to trust, take risks, love and feel loved

Negative manifestations
Jealousy, anger, bitterness, inability to forgive others as well as oneself

Forgiveness, compassion, trust, how to act out of love

Aspects we might consider for our characters or ourselves
Ability to love and forgive, courage, fears around loneliness and following one’s heart


Try the following meditation and exercise, and let me know what you come up with.
Feel free to post it below this post, or email me at:


Close your eyes and do a short visualization of the Heart Chakra: A green, pulsating orb in your chest, just between your breasts. Imagine it expanding and contracting and spreading out to the sides of your rib cage and under your arms. Sit with this pulsating, compassionate and loving energy for as long as you can, breathing deeply, for 5-10 breaths. Count to ten slowly on both the inhale and the exhale for each one. When you’re ready, let the energy begin to recede and return to its original size. Maintain its presence in your body as you open your eyes and begin the following writing exercise.

Writing Exercise
Fiction Writers
Think of the two characters you’ve been working with recently. Now that you’ve gotten them talking, think more about the emotional essence of their approach to the conflict. Do they operate from a place of love and compassion, or from anger or fear? Can these characters be close to others without losing themselves, emotionally? That is, can they honor their own emotional needs. Do they have past emotional wounds that need healing? Have they done anything that needs forgiving? How openly do these characters give and receive love? After you’ve considered the above questions, continue with the scene and see what happens to their conversation and behavior toward each other after you’ve determined their emotional needs.

Creative Non-fiction Writers / Memoirists
Imagine a mirror. See yourself in the mirror. Or sit before a mirror and look at yourself. Consider the following questions and either address them directly, let them inform your writing around a love relationship in your life, or both.

Do you consider yourself emotionally healthy? How do you define this?
What do you like/love? What makes you happy?
Do you feel you exercise self-control? In what ways?
Do you love yourself? How do you know?

Sending you mad writing mojo…