Author Interview – Lori Eberly

What compelled you to write your most recent book?
I’ve had good success with clients over the years and wanted to draft a how-to of sorts. I was also eager for the collaborative process of writing with someone I greatly admire and respect. It felt like a valuable experience to focus what has worked and what I’ve learned.

What obstacles did you encounter while writing the book?
Discipline and focus… until we got into a good routine. It helped to have a partner to hold me accountable. Rejection… couldn’t find an agent to pick it up.

How has writing your most recent book changed or added value to your life?
It forced me to distill what I know. It gave me a platform to promote myself and my work. It is a great source of pride, to have completed a product that is not only my best work but collective work.

Did you self-publish or did you go the traditional route? What was that process like?
We sent out about 50 proposals. We only got about 10 formal rejections… the others didn’t respond. We ended up self-publishing through Amazon. It’s convenient and they walked us through the process, good cost, etc. The problem is that many independent booksellers refuse to carry books published by The Devil.

Are you friends with other writers? If so, how do they influence your writing?
Yes, journalists, bloggers, “on the side” writers. My biggest influencers are the other authors and writers I read.

Do you maintain a regular writing practice? If so, what does it look like?
Not anymore… but we wrote 5 days a week, for large blocks of time pre-publishing. It was a full-time job for 2 years.

Do you have other books in progress?
No. But wish I wrote more articles.

Do you view writing as a spiritual practice?

What would your life look like if you didn’t write?
I’d have more of a jumbled mess in my brain. I guess I’d have to invent some other way to process and integrate my thoughts.

Why do you write?
Because it’s fun. Because I want to connect with others. Because it helps me think and make sense of the world. It’s satisfying. It’s challenging.

Lori Eberly is the founder of Radius ECD and the author of F*ckery, a book about trust-damaging habits. She got her Masters of Social Work in 2000, but the real learning came from a decade in hospice and a zig-zag coaching career around the globe. Her keen insight and Socratic approach connect people to their goals and to each other. Lori lives in Portland when she’s not touring the northwest in her Westfalia.

To learn more about Lori, please visit her website.