What is Writing Through the Body™?

Image by Whitney Owen

Image by Whitney Owen

Writing Through the Body™ is a writing process created by published writer, editor, teacher, and writing coach, Johnnie Mazzocco, designed to help writers banish writer’s block, achieve flow, and tell their untold stories

Writing Through the Body™ uses a system based on the seven main chakras of the body and is available for fiction and creative non-fiction writers and anyone interested in finding creative ways to further their commitment to self-awareness and personal evolution.

Writing Through the Body™ is corrective and generative. It can help writers work through obstacles in their writing process, and it can also help generate knew work when the ideas just won’t come.

Writing Through the Body™ is where the esoteric (the ancient chakra system), the creative (the process and craft of writing), and the academic (my training in argumentation and the Socratic method of inquiry, which is about asking a series of questions to arrive at some sort of truth) meet.

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